Services & Specialties

Structural Engineering:
  • Building Structural Engineering Design and Inspection.
  • Site Visits to Assess  Existing Structural Condition.
  • Construction General Conformity Review.
  • Home Renovation, Addition and New House Permits Drawings.
Real Estate Investement Services
Mr Shang will provide one free consultation regarding real estate investement such as rebuild, addition, extension, vacant landand and  lot severance etc.
We also work with real estate professionals.  These real estate experts acknowledge and appreciate your hard work in buying and selling your property and would like to discuss with you with regard to commission rebate. 

Our engineering company will offer one free existing structural assessment report with regard to the property you want to buy and one free home renovation permit drawings prepared by our licensed professional engineers .

In addition to the commission rebate, our engineering company will provide a free whole package of permit drawings services for the developers and investors in real estate market  including:
  1. Existing house structural condition assessment. 
  2. Zoning by law check regarding new additions.
  3. Permit drawings preparation and
  4.  Permit application.
Should you require any additional information, please send your email to : 
Thank you.